BIOL 560 050 0.60GPH 12.00IN 500FT

BIOL 560 050 0.60GPH 12.00IN 500FT
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Netafim’s Bioline® Dripline is the world’s most advanced continuous self-cleaning, pressure-compensating dripline and is the best choice for the Flotender grey water drip irrigation system.

Netafim Bioline® dripline delivers grey water into the soil with great precision, ensuring that the gray water does not flood an area or become exposed to people or animals. By distributing the grey water into the ‘biologically active soil horizon’, we not only allow the soil to break down the grey water, but we also allow plants, trees, bushes and grass to use it, along with its nitrogen and phosphorus content – two of the three ingredients in fertilizer. This ecologically sound process helps protect against the contamination of lakes, rivers, streams and drinking water sources, and it provides an important benefit – the “grey water” is no longer “wastewater." It is reusable, renewable and beneficial water that becomes a supplement to or replacement for an irrigation system.

Bioline is a state-of-the-art drip dispersal tubing that is manufactured specifically for wastewater applications. While Netafim manufactures hundreds of types of dripline, including non-pressure compensating dripline, the features and proven performance of Bioline make any reliance on non-pressure compensating driplines unnecessary. Why use only PC Dripline? The fast answer about only using pressure compensating dripline is:



Easy to design with

Provides a continuous self-flushing feature

Provides very consistent flow over time

How does Netafim’s Bioline® Dripline Work?

Bioline® dripline is comprised of highly sophisticated emitters mounted inside flexible polyethylene tubing. Each emitter delivers a slow, precise amount of grey water into the soil. Thanks to the “pressure compensation” feature built into each Bioline® emitter, the delivery of grey water is very well-balanced in the area, regardless of the length of dripline or the property’s topography. The result? The grey water is dispersed evenly into the soil, providing not only important additional treatment but providing for beneficial reuse of the nutrient-rich grey water by the landscape.

Design and installation are easy

The system designer and installer match the right Bioline® to the individual design, thus creating and maintaining the perfect environment for further treatment and beneficial reuse of the grey water. Netafim Bioline® is used with confidence in virtually any soil, topography or climate; because the area does not need to be dug up during installation with heavy equipment, landscape disruption is minimized.

Product Advantages

Built-In Physical Root Barrier – drippers are protected from root intrusion without the need for chemical protection. Water exits dripper in one location while exiting the tubing in another.

Three Dripper Flow Rates – provides the broadest range of flow rates available. Allows the designer to match the dripline to any soil or slope condition.

Bioline Tubing is Completely Wrapped in Purple – the complete tubing is purple, easily identifying it as a non-potable, regardless of how the tubing is installed.

Antibacterial-Impregnated Drippers – prevents build-up of microbial slime.

No Special Storage Requirements – does not degrade if stored outdoors.


Dripper flow rates: 0.4, 0.6 or 0.9 GPH

Dripper spacings: 12”, 18” or 24” dripper spacings and blank tubing

Pressure compensation range: 7 to 58 psi

Maximum recommended system pressure: 58 psi

Tubing diameter: 0.66” OD, 0.56” ID

Tubing color: Purple color indicates non-potable

Recommended filtration: 120 mesh

Bending radius: 7”

UV resistant

Tubing material: Linear low-density polyethylene