GL-75-4SP, Immediate Release Greywater Processor, 75 Gallon, 4 Stage Pump, 115V 1,050W

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Flotender GL-75-4SP

Made In The USA

With a Flotender greywater irrigation system you can depend on a commercial grade greywater system that will provide years of operation and you will get the satisfaction of your water, that otherwise would have gone down the sewer, is actually being used to water your plants.  As the plants grow, they provide a more beneficial living environment for both people and animals. So, If you were not allowed to water at all, you could still use the greywater and end up growing trees and other landscape that would never be there without using your greywater.

Sizing Guide:

The maximum GreyWater source in one hour will be:

  • 3 showers or 
  • 2 showers and 1 load of laundry or
  • 1 bath  

Drip Zone Sizing for a level yard 

The maximum zone size can be 600 Gallons/Hour = 2-500ft rolls


Netafim BIOL 560 045 0.60GPH 12.00IN 

Drip Zone Sizing for a yard with 10 ft elevation rise 

The maximum zone size can be 500 Gallons/Hour = 1-500ft roll, 3-100ft rolls

Netafim BIOL 560 045 0.60GPH 12.00IN

Purple Wastewater Drip Pipe, .6 GPH, 12" Spacing

Drip Zone Sizing for a yard with 20 ft elevation rise 

The maximum zone size can be 420 Gallons/Hour = 1-500ft roll, 2-100ft rolls

       500ft              100ft          100ft

Drip Zone Sizing for a yard with 30 ft elevation rise 

The maximum zone size can be 300 Gallons/Hour = 1-500ft roll


Netafim BIOL 560 045 0.60GPH 12.00IN 

Purple Wastewater Drip Pipe, .6 GPH, 12" Spacing

Included Components:

1 - 75 Gallon Greywater Processor

1 - 3" Intake Diverter Valve

1 - Secondary Filter Assembly including Performance Indicators,

Filter Wash Strainer, Filter Wash Regulator and Connection Tube.


Not Included:

  • Drip Tubing
  • Greywater Intake Pipe from the house
  • Greywater Overflow Pipe

Processor Placement

The first step in the Flotender system installation is to determine the location of the greywater processor.  In flowing greywater must be either gravity-fed from the building's greywater stub-out or pumped into the greywater processor using an external transfer station. (sold seperately)

Above-ground Greywater Processor Installations

Place the greywater processor at an elevation which can be gravity-fed from the stub-out from the building.  It is recomended that the processor and external components are placed on a level surface with at least 29" of clearance above the top of the processor's lid for filter removal.

In-Ground Greywater Processor Installations

For in-ground installations, excavate and place the greywater processor on 1 inch of compact sand.  Sand will protect the bottom of the processor from sharp objects and help in leveling.  Refer to the following diagrams when placing the greywater processor.  Ensure that the incoming greywater is able to gravity-flow from the building stub-out.

Low Greywater Stub-Outs

For installations where the greywater stub-out is below the intake of the greywater processor, a lift station may be installed.  The lift station features a built-in pump, and activation float switch which pumps the incoming greywater up and into the processor intake port.


Shown below are three possible overflow configurations to accommodate overflow during periods of lint flushing or large greywater inflows.


AFS-GL Optional Auto-Fill

An upper and lower float switch adds water at a low water level and turns it off when water reaches the upper float.


Level Activation Controller, Auto-Fill Controller, Sensor w/ Mounting Bracket, Auto-Fill Valve, 20 ft Auto-Fill Cable, 20ft 24V Power Cable Power Cable.



GL Series Air-Gap Assembly shown Above.

Includes Air-Gap Backflow Preventer, Pipe and Fittings


The Flotender GL-75-4SP greywater system is a way of reusing water from your household activities, such as washing clothes, dishes, or bathing, to irrigate your landscape. This can help you save water, money, and benefit your plants.

The Flotender greywater system filters the water so it can be distributed by the Netafim Bioline 560 dripline tubing that is manufactured specifically for wastewater applications. It is the world’s most advanced continuous self-cleaning, pressure-compensating dripline for greywater. The Flotender greywater system delivers filtered and pressurized greywater to the Netafim Bioline® dripline into the soil with great precision, ensuring that the greywater does not flood an area or become exposed to people or animals. By distributing the greywater into the ‘biologically active soil horizon’, it not only allows the soil to break down the greywater, but it also allows plants, trees, bushes, and grass to use it, along with its nitrogen and phosphorus content – two of the three ingredients in fertilizer. This ecologically sound process helps protect against the contamination of lakes, rivers, streams and drinking water sources, and it provides an important benefit – the grey water is no longer “wastewater." Flotender turns greywater into reusable, renewable, and beneficial water that becomes a supplement to or replacement for an irrigation system. The best way to recycle greywater from your home, apartment building, or commercial building.

The Flotender greywater system can use water from any source, except the toilet or kitchen sink. The Flotender greywater processor tank usually connects to a grey water stub out that is a plumbing pipe installed during the construction of the house or building and is intended to be used for a greywater irrigation system. It is capped at the end and is usually located outside the house or building. To use it, you connect the pipes from the exterior section of the stub-out pipe to the Flotender greywater system and thereby distribute the greywater into the landscape through the Flotender greywater recycling