GL-75-2SP, Immediate Release Greywater Processor, 75 Gallon, 2 Stage Pump, 115V 540W

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Flotender GL-75-2SP

Made In The USA


Sizing Guide:

The maximum GreyWater source in one hour will be:

  • 6 showers or 
  • 4 showers and 2 loads of laundry or
  • 1 bath and 3 showers


Drip Zone Sizing for a yard with minimal elevation rise:

For 20 PSI at the drip emitters, the maximum zone size can be 240 Gallons/Hour (4 GPM)
Allows a zone friction loss of 10 PSI.


Not Included:

  • Drip Tubing
  • Greywater Intake Pipe from the house
  • Greywater Overflow Pipe

Note: Expansion Reservoirs Are Not Included In Immediate Release Systems since water is immediatly being pumped to the landscape at the time it is recieved.



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