GL-TS75 , Greywater Lift Station, 75 Gallon, 1/3 HP

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GL-TS75, Greywater Lift Station

75 Gallon

1/3 HP, 3 Amp, 330 Watt

29 GPM At 5 Ft Lift

The GL-TS75 grey water tank is used when the grey water piping coming out from a residence or commercial building is lower than the intake of a Flotender grey water processing tank.

The Flotender greywater processor tank usually connects to a greywater stub out that is a plumbing pipe installed during the construction of the house or building and is intended to be used for a grey water irrigation system. It is capped at the end and is usually located outside the house or building. If the grey water stub out is too low you will connect it to the GL-TS75 grey water tank and then connect the outlet of the GL-TS75 greywater tank to the Flotender grey water processing tank and thereby distribute the grey water into the landscape through the Flotender grey water recycling system.