AFS-GXL, GXL Series Level Activation Sensor

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GXL Series Level Sensor, Actuator And Timed Controller

Use with GXL Series Sheduled Release or Imedidiate Release grey water irrigation systems

UL Approved Rain-Tite Enclousures

An Upper and Lower Float Switch
adds water at a low water level and turns it off when water reaches the upper float.


Timed Controller

Activates the level controller
according to a set time(s) during the day

24 Hour programmable time dial with multiple start times adds additional
water to the greywater if needed.

Level Actuator Controller

Sensor w/ Mounting Bracket

24V Auto-Fill Valve

20 ft. Auto-Fill Cable

20 ft Sensor Cable

6 ft Power Cable

If there is not enough greywater produced to supply the water needed for a greywater irrigation system domestic water can be added to the grey water irrigation system with the AFS-GXL.  For example, this could happen for a residential greywater irrigation system.  If the owners go away on vacation and no one is living in the house no greywater will be produced and the plants that are relying on the greywater irrigation system will not be watered.