Rainwater Irrigation & Storage Filters

Filtration for Rainwater Irrigation & Storage

Advanced Rainwater Filtration for Rainwater Collection Systems.

Filtrific Rainwater Filter


Filtration For Storage

In order to keep the rainwater cistern or large storage tank free of debris it is important that any rainwater captured is pre-filtered. The Filtrific Rainwater Filter pre-filters the debris from the rainwater in preparation for storage or use in a rainwater irrigation system. Large, easy to access filter baskets are available in a variety of different mesh sizes which can be customized to best suit your debris type and size.


Filtration for Irrigation

If you are planning on reusing the stored water for rainwater irrigation, the Filtrific Rainwater Filter provides up to 150 mesh (100) micron filtration which is adequate for both spray and drip irrigation.


Filtration + Built-In Pump Chamber

Aside from providing rainwater filtration, the Filtrific Rainwater Filter features a large pump chamber which can pump to transport the rainwater to an above ground storage tank.


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