Rainwater Filter

Customizable Rainwater Filtration

The Filtrific Rainwater Filter provides rainwater filtration prior to storage in a large cistern. Built-in fine particle filtration ensures that all debris is caught in the easily accessible Filter Baskets. If the rainwater storage cistern is located above ground, a pump can be placed within the rainwater filter to transport the rainwater. Additionally, the Filtrific Rainwater Filter can be placed above ground either outside or in a utility room.


rainwater filter


150 & 24 Mesh Fine Particle Filtration

The RW40 model provides a single filter providing 24 mesh (734 micron) filtration. The RW75 and RW390 models provide a 150 Mesh (100 micron) fine particle filter is included to catch very fine particulate and is placed in the first filter slot (primary) position. In the second slot, the 24 mesh (734 micron) filter is placed to allow for small debris to pass and acts as a backup release in the event that the 150 mesh filter is full.

Each of the three Rainwater Filters can be customized to accommodate any of the following mesh sizes:

-6 Mesh
-10 Mesh
-20 Mesh
-24 Mesh
-150 Mesh


Filter Serviceability

System service is easy with Filtrific® Rainwater Filters. Simply open the Access Cap, lift out the basket and empty the debris. Most of the lid remains below the mulch, only the access cap needs to be exposed for servicing.



Built-in Ports

Many rainwater applications require more than just a simple downspout filter. When additional pumps or auto-fill devices are required Filtrific offers solutions. Built-in ports combine with industrial quality flex-fittings to provide the most reliable and dependable connections.


Large Pump Chamber

A large pump chamber is included within each of the three Filtrific Rainwater Filters. If the rainwater storage tank is located above ground, and at a higher elevation than the Filtrific Rainwater Filter, a pump can be placed within filter.


Durable Shell

Durable Virgin LLDPE Polyethylene assures a tough and resilient shell designed for high performance in the most intense environments.


Three Models, Once Concept

Each of Filtrific®’s three models of Rainwater Filters contain the same components: the Access Cap, Filter Baskets, Bolt Down Lid, Filter Carriage, and the outer shell. Certain specifications vary by model, but the mechanics and engineering remain constant. Advanced filtering options and the ability to house multiple pumps are just a couple of the many design and installation advantages unique to the Filtrific Rainwater Filter.