New Mexico Grey Water Information

In New Mexico, a permit isn't required for grey water systems when the flow is less than 250 gallons per day.

Regulatory Overview:

Excerpt from New Mexico House Bill 711, passed in 2005, related to water:

...shall not require a permit for applying less than two hundred fifty gallons per day of private residential gray water originating from a residence for the resident's household gardening, composting or landscape irrigation if:
1. a constructed gray water distribution system provides for overflow into the sewer system or on-site
wastewater treatment and disposal system;
2. a gray water storage tank is covered to restrict access and to eliminate habitat for mosquitos or other
3. a gray water system is sited outside of a floodway;
4. gray water is vertically separated at least five feet above the ground water table;
5. gray water pressure piping is clearly identified as a nonpotable water conduit;
6. gray water is used on the site where it is generated and does not run off the property lines;
7. gray water is applied in a manner that minimizes the potential for contact with people or domestic pets;
8. ponding is prohibited, application of gray water is managed to minimize standing water on the surface and to ensure that the hydraulic capacity of the soil is not exceeded;
9. gray water is not sprayed;
10. gray water is not discharged to a watercourse; and
11. gray water use within municipalities or counties complies with all applicable municipal or county
ordinances enacted pursuant to Chapter 3, Article 53 NMSA 1978;

More Details:

Read the full version of the California greywater regulation here.