Greywater Resources


Flotender Greywater System Overview

An introduction to the Flotender greywater irrigation system. Includes system video, LEED information and other helpful information. View Resource >


Calculating Your Surge Requirement

The majority of Flotender greywater systems are installed in an instant distribution setup. This resource provides guidance in calculating the surge capacity requirement for your project. View Resource >


Flotender Greywater Filters

In-depth information on the Flotender Greywater Processor, it's inner workings and what makes it the most precise and reliable greywater irrigation filter in the industry. View Resource >


Flotender Greywater System Types

Learn about the three Flotender greywater system types and view diagrams detailing each system arrangement. View Resource >


Flotender Installation Overview

Review the installation process for installing a Flotender greywater system. View Resource >  


Greywater FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Read the answers to some commonly asked questions that we received regarding greywater in general and our greywater irrigation systems.  View Resource >


Residential Greywater Systems

Learn about our different solutions for residential greywater irrigation systems. View Resource >


Conserving with Greywater

Information on how much water a household can conserve by reusing greywater. View Resource >


Reusing Greywater with Drip Irrigation

A quick overview on reusing greywater in drip irrigation. View Resource >


Rainwater Filters

Rainwater can be used to supplement the filtered greywater flow in a Flotender greywater irrigation system. Learn about Filtrific rainwater filters which provide reliable rainwater filtration prior to storage in a large cistern. View Resource >


Irrigating with Drip Irrigation

Lean how drip irrigation is the most efficient and water-conscience way to irrigate with greywater. View Resource >


Greywater Regulations

Greywater regulation information updated in 2010.

New Mexico





Plumbing for Greywater

A quick schematic of the plumbing configuration for a Flotender greywater irrigation system. View Resource >


Irrigating with Stored Rainwater vs. Greywater

Learn about the pros and cons of irrigating with rainwater and how it compares to greywater irrigation. View Resource >


Reusing Laundry Water in a Flotender System

Information regarding reusing laundry water in a Flotender system including maintenance and connection information. View Resource >