Greywater Drip Irrigation


Drip Irrigation and Greywater

Drip irrigation is the superior method for efficiently distributing greywater to the landscape. Greywater in it’s raw state is filled with various particulates that will, if unfiltered, quickly clog a drip irrigation system. The Flotender™ Greywater Filter provides advanced mechanical filtration specifically designed to prepare greywater for use with drip irrigation. Through various stages of mechanical filtration all lint, hair, skin particles and other debris is caught in a series of easy to clean filters.



greywater irrigation
Greywater Irrigation trough a drip emitter.

greywater irrigation system


Above Ground or Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation

Flotender’s patent pending greywater filter is compatible with both above ground and subsurface drip irrigation systems.



Grey Water Recycling Grey Water Recycling


Residential & Commercial Applications

The Flotender™ Greywater Filter is designed to support a wide range of greywater applications and system sizes. Applications range from a single family residence utilizing a few greywater fixtures to irrigate a garden or small lawn to a full scale commercial building with dozens of greywater fixtures flowing simultaneously into the filter, distributing the water to multiple planters or lawn areas.