Greywater Filter Systems by Flotender

Greywater Filter for Landscape Irrigation

Designed for Drip Irrigation

The Flotender Greywater Processor has been specifically designed to filter greywater to meet the purity demands required for use in a drip irrigation system. The dual stage greywater filter consists of 150 mesh (100 micron) primary filtration followed by 150 mesh (100 micron) secondary filter. Greywater passing through Flotender's advanced filtration conforms to virtually every commercial drip irrigation manufacturer's filtration specifications.


Why is a Precise Greywater Filter Required?

Reusing greywater is a fantastic way to conserve a sizable amount of water without having to change your daily routine. The most effective way to reuse greywater is in the landscape. Most city and state codes only allow for greywater to be distributed via drip irrigation and many states such as California only allow for sub-surface drip irrigation to be used with greywater. Drip irrigation is a very efficient form of irrigation due to the small "drips" of water that the tiny emitters produce which are aimed or positioned at the exact root area of the plant. This style of irrigation greatly reduces evaporation and overwatering. Drip irrigation however requires that the water sent through the emitters is debris free as even very small particles can very quickly plug up and essentially destroy a drip irrigation system. Greywater is notoriously debris-filled as it contains skin particles, hair and lint which must be removed prior to reuse in a drip irrigation system. The precise Flotender greywater filter provides duel stage 150-mesh filtration which effectively removes even the vary smallest debris particulates from the greywater.

Advanced Debris Sealing

In order for a drip irrigation system to work properly, the water being used must be completely free of even the smallest particulates. The Flotender Greywater Filter incorporates a series of ultra-tight gaskets and seals to prevent particulates from passing around the filter.

Other systems (typically priced under $1,000) provide filtration but don't completely seal off the pump chamber. This can result in debris slipping around the filter and ultimately ending up in the drip line. Once debris enters the drip irrigation system removal can next to impossible and often times requires a complete system removal and reinstallation.

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Greywater Filter Pump


One Concept, Three Series

Each of Flotender’s three series of Greywater Processors contain the same components: the Access Cap, Filter Baskets, Bolt Down Lid, Filter Carriage, Spray Ring, High Pressure Pump, Pump Switch and the Polyethylene Housing. Certain specifications vary by model, but the mechanics and engineering remain constant. Precise greywater filtration, expandable surge capacity, automated operation and high pressure pumping are just a few of the many design and installation advantages unique to the Flotender Greywater Processor.

Grey Water Filter


Greywater Filter



Self-Cleaning Primary Filter

The Flotender's Primary Filter catches all debris from the inflowing greywater through 150 mesh (100 micron) filtration. The automatic filter wash system prevents fine particulate from sticking to the filter mesh. When the debris eventually fills up the primary greywater filter, the automatic cleaning system is activated and the debris-filled water in the basket is purged out of the overflow port. Although the primary filter is self-cleaning, it is recommended that a manual cleaning is performed a few times a year to ensure that the filter is working at optimal efficiency.


Greywater Filters


Secondary Filter

The secondary filter provides a second level of filtration to the Flotender system before the greywater water reaches the drip system. It protects against micro lint that may clump together after passing through the filter basket, or any surface debris that could possibly drop into the pumping chamber after removing the primary filter basket for cleaning.

Greywater Additional Filtration



Greywater Secondary Filter

The stainless steel filter support system allows multiple filters to be connected in parallel for high flow or heavy lint loading.


Automated Operation

The Flotender™ Greywater Processor is fully automated. When greywater enters the system it is automatically filtered, pressurized, and pumped to the above ground or subsurface drip irrigation system. When the water drops to the designated minimum pumping level the system shuts off until the next inflow of greywater.

Looking store greywater and water on a pre-determined schedule?
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Visual Indication of System Status

Performance indicators pop-up when the system is pumping and pressurized. The tan indicator signals that the pump is running. The green indicator signals that the secondary filter is operating and the drip system is pressurized.

Greywater Filter



High Pressure Pumping

Whether the filtered greywater is to be used to water plants on a flat area, a terraced garden, or to irrigate a lawn via sub-surface irrigation, the built-in Flotender pump is fully capable of transporting the water to where you need it. Refer to the pump curve below for specific detail on the pumping capabilities of the Flotender Greywater Processor.


Greywater Filter Pump
220v models are also available. Please contact us for pricing and additional information.


Supplemental Potable Water

The auto-fill device adds additional freshwater to the Flotender Greywater Processor in situations where insufficient greywater is produced to adequately irrigate the landscape. Simply design the drip irrigation system, and schedule the irrigation controller to add occasional potable water to the greywater zone as needed. For larger landscapes with limited greywater sources, greywater is used to offset normal evaporation, while fresh water is used to provide an occasional deep watering.


Greywater Autofill


Adding Additional Surge Capacity

Incorporated into each Flotender Greywater Processor is a specific amount of surge capacity. If more surge capacity is required to accommodate a large number of greywater producing fixtures, additional capacity can be easily installed at either the time of the initial installation, or post installation.



Greywater Surge Tank




Maintenance Reduced With Automatic Filter Wash System

The Flotender's patented self regulating filter wash system prevents lint and other greywater debris from collecting on the inside of the filter basket. The high pressure rotary spray nozzles are mounted on a flotation assembly which allows for constant cleaning at fluctuating water levels. The filter wash system is activated as soon as greywater enters the system and continues to operate until the greywater is pumped out of the chamber.

Greywater Filter System Greywater Filter