Conservation Irrigation with Greywater

Use Greywater for Irrigation and Save

By implementing a Flotender greywater system into a design significant water can be conserved on projects ranging from single family residential to large scale multi family structures. Greywater provides a near constant source of water which can be used year-around for irrigation purposes.


Saving Water: Single Family Homes

Landscape irrigation makes up anywhere from 32% (national average) to 70% (average in the western United States) of all residential water usage. In a single family household, significant water savings are available, for example:


Grey Water Recycling
Grey Water Recycling

Why Not Use Greywater For Flushing Toilets?

Although using greywater to flush toilets does conserve water, on average much more water is used daily on your outdoor plants than in the toilet. Also, according to EPA guidelines, modern toilets use much less water than toilets of the past (1.6 gallons / flush for modern toilets, between 3.5 - 5.5 gallons/flush for older toilets). Another issue related to using greywater in the toilet is that often times greywater has a grey tint to it and can look unsightly when used in the toilet. In addition many times the greywater must be chemically sanitized if it is to be reused indoors. The added complexity and lower overall water saving potential make landscape irrigation the superior use for recycled greywater.